The Study of Movement at Building Blocks – 2012-2013

Here is a look at how the children have learned about movement throughout the school year:


Our Field Trip to the Portland Children’s Museum – May 2013

Every year we take a field trip to the Portland Children’s Museum. To partner in educating our children with partners such as these is a true blessing to our children.

Building relationships through face painting 2012-2013

Teachers pulled face paints out during harvest time wondering what the children would do with these new materials. They quickly became familiar with face painting techniques. After close observation we noticed that the children had taken the face painting to a much deeper level through painting each others faces. The relationships that were built through this activity were deep and long lasting. As you will see in the photo’s below the chidlren loved using these materials to explore relationships with eachother.

Trails & Traces 2011-2012

I wanted to begin this blog with entries that encompass the true essence of Building Blocks Early Learning Center. I believe the best way to accomplish this is to share my book, Trails & Traces, with you. It will give you a glimpse into the rich world that makes up our thriving educational community. This book is full of thoughts and feelings from the children, parents and teacher about our school. It is a small glimpse of what they love about our school.

Continue below to learn more and view the entire book: